5 Things to Know About Injuries in Public Places Claims

Did you know that you can claim compensation for an injury in a public place? While there are many types of injuries, sometimes people doubt whether they have a valid claim for compensation. Personal injury solicitors notice – if you think that the incident happened at least partly because of someone’s fault, that’s an argument solid enough to contact legal experts. Read on to learn five legal experts’ insights on accidents in public places claims.

1. Common Personal Injuries in Public Places

Firstly, claimants should be aware that there are many ways injuries occur and that minor injuries can be claimed as well as severe ones. Legal experts name a few examples to get the bigger picture of accidents in public places. They say that the most common areas where incidents happen are parks, playgrounds, shopping centres and restaurants. Still, slips and falls, accidents because of falling objects or even dog bites can happen anywhere.

2. Responsible Parties

When an incident happens in a restaurant or a shop, it’s easy to determine who’s responsible. However, when accidents happen in common areas – parks, playgrounds or just in the streets, sometimes it could be hard to name who should take responsibility for them. Professionals say that no matter the damage, lack of information or complexity shouldn’t be the reason to leave it as it is.

In such a case, the claim would be against the organisation or public authority accountable for the public area. Typically, organisations’ Public Liability insurance funds compensations. Even if multiple parties are responsible for the public space, highly experienced solicitors advise on who to pursue claims against.

3. The Right Time to Pursue Claim

If you doubt whether or not you have a valid claim for compensation, personal injury solicitors advise assessing three essential questions. Those contain time frame, responsibility and cause of injury. Ask yourself if:

  • The accident happened within last the three years
  • There was someone else to blame for it
  • The injury resulted from an accident in a public place

A common misconception relates to the time frame one must begin a compensation claim. Now, it’s clear that you can start the process within three years, not necessarily right away. However, legal experts say – the sooner you contact legal experts, the better.

4. Amount of Compensation

As in any case of personal injury, much depends on the circumstances, type of injury and damage. Therefore, solicitors recommend contacting them promptly after the accident. In many cases, claimants get compensation for the direct results of the injury – property damage, experienced medical costs, financial losses (including loss of earnings), travel expenses, etc. Let alone the emotional stress and upheaval caused.

5. Steps Towards Beginning Compensation Claim

Personal injury solicitors notice – you don’t have to worry about the case’s complexity or anticipate all steps ahead because their job is to make processes simple, clear and straightforward. Now, it’s expected that many would not even know where to start the process. Therefore, take the first step – contact trustworthy lawyers for a consultation – and leave the rest in the hands of professionals.

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